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This week we cover high intensity interval training(HIIT) in a walking program on a treadmill and outdoors on a track. As a bonus we also demostrate a metabolic HIIT program outdoors.

Read what they're saying about Reggie! 

"I Highly recommend AFC and Reggie. Great approach to overall body fitness and balanced health versus "pumping iron."

"I've known and trained with Reggie Clements for nearly 15 years. Over that kind of time period your fitness needs change and Reggie always responds with a perfectly tailored workout program which he compliments with key nutritional information. Every day, every workout is different, targeted, focused on core strength and achieving your personal goals. He got me ready for my wedding (we were both so proud of my 'fighting weight' as we call it!) and helped me stay energized, healthy and in unbelievable shape during my pregnancy. Reggie's work outs are targeted, creative, fun, challenging and inspiring ' I always leave wanting more. Nothing makes Reggie happier than when his clients see results and his pride is well earned ' he is focused on making his clients look great and feel great ' and they do! I've recommended him to all of my friends and would recommend him to anyone looking for a true fitness partner." 

"Reggie is the greatest. He works you out and gets you to burn calories like you never thought you could. Initially, I began working out with him over 15 years ago. I began working out to burn calories to lose weight, which I did accomplish, but now the overall effect on my psyche and how good I feel makes my work out necessary to my life. Reggie is great and pushes you just hard enough to get you to the next level. His advice on nutrition and approach to encouraging the whole person is invaluable. The work out is great, mental fitness is great and the gym where he works out is also clean and well equipped."  

"Reggie is the perfect combination of inspiration and motivation. Not only has he helped me with understanding my body and food intake, he has also helped me with muscle tone and balance. The result, over 30 pounds of weight loss, increased stamina and well sculpted body. I am lucky to be able to work out with him." 

"I'm new to personal training. But I've seen results from other Reggie clients so I'm a believer. Thus far he's made me feel comfortable with the choices he's made for me and my regime. Exercises are challenging and ever changing so I'm never bored, always engaged. I feel confident from his questions and direction that he understands what I need and can help me achieve my strength goals effectively. Plus he has a great low key demeanor, no pretense... knowleageable and personable."  

"Reggie Clements is the perfect combination of inspiration and motivation. Not only has he helped me with the understanding of my body and food intake, he has also helped me with muscle tone and balance. The result, a loss of over 30 pounds of fat and the addition of strength, stamina, flexibility and muscle tone. I am lucky to be able to work out with him on a regular basis."  

"I am not a "review writer" but feel compelled to let others know how wonderful Reggie is to work with. He is inspiring, patient, extremely knowledgeable and overall a wonderful person. He is the best personal fitness trainer I have ever worked with, and I look forward to continuing our journey through the challenges of being fit and healthy that we all struggle with." 

"I have been consistently committed to my fitness and health since my 30's. I am now 61 years old, and have worked out in both membership fitness clubs and gyms strictly for trainers and their clients. For the past 13 years, I have been very fortunate to train with Reggie Clements. I have seen and observed many fitness coaches work with their clients and most go with the norm. I absolutely believe that no one can compare to the dedication and expertise of Alternative Fitness Concepts. Reggie deeply cares about his clients and feels an inward satisfaction to go the extra mile to make workouts enjoyable and productive for every client. He constantly looks for innovative new exercises and methods to target the body. He keeps variety in each personal workout and mixes it up for optimal results. This is why I would never consider any other personal trainer for myself. He is truly amazing and dedicated to his field."  

"I am 66 years old and had searched for years for a person who would hook me into regular exercise. I am thin, so I didn't look as out of shape as I was getting. It was my good fortune three years ago to meet Reggie Clements the founder of Alternative Fitness Concepts. Reggie's attitude, which treated me as an adult, gave me the responsibility to do things right, has keep me as a regular client for all of this time. Core strength, flexibility, cardio endurance, muscle tone, everything I need to get fit and stay fit, to consistently expand and stretch my capabilities. The variations and range of activities, the array of things I can easily do on my own, the attention to keeping my aging body fit all combine to make it easy for me to recommend Alternative Fitness Concepts to anyone who wants to be treated as a partner in the effort to stay fit, age energetically and meet your own goals. You are pushed and worked hard, but it is always your own will that counts."  

Alternative Fitness Concepts (AFC) provides personal and private training to clients in Santa Monica, California and the surrounding Los Angeles area. AFC also writes monthly fitness newsletters and articles for the worldwide web giving advice to those individuals looking for personal trainers, private sessions, workout tips, information on anti-aging, weight loss, functional training, running, boot camps, yoga, pilates, etc.  Join us today to get in the best shape of your life!

How to hire a good trainer.

We realize that hiring a personal trainer is an important step in your pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.  There are many personal trainers in Los Angeles, and finding one that is affordable, knowledgeable, and professional is a huge challenge.  If you do not have a direct referral, which sometimes even turns out to be disappointing, you can follow AFC's 2 steps on how to hire a good trainer.

Step 1:  This is what AFC looks for when hiring a trainer: a person that is sincere and genuinely excited about personal training.  Having a trainer who cares about helping you achieve the best results for yourself is a very rewarding experience. You will find that the trainer will be pleasant, specific in their explanations and clear in their vision of what they would like to accomplish for you.
Step 2: The trainer must be professional. The trainer should be professional in dress, behavior, demeanor, punctuality, and dependability.  You are looking for a trainer that takes the client-trainer relationship seriously.  The trainer should fully disclose the cost options and cancellation policy.  

When you meet with the trainer or speak with him on the phone you should have the attitude that you are interviewing him.  Follow these basic questions and you should find a good trainer.  

Question #1 Are you certified?  This is a good place to start which shows that the trainer has a base of information and guidelines he will follow.  However, it could be very misleading if he has been certified for less than 2 years.  His lack of experience will affect his choices. 

Question #2 How long have you been a personal trainer and how many hours have you trained over the last 12 months? This is a good second question.  It will help determine the length of time he has been a trainer and give you a good idea of how much real experience the trainer has.  You should look for a trainer with at least 2 years of experience with 1000 to 2000 hours of training per year.  You are almost guaranteed to get a good trainer if you follow this guideline.  Experience is vital to hiring a good trainer.

Question #3 - Are you a part time or full time trainer? (or do you have another job?) This will show you whether the trainer is fully invested into his training business or moonlighting for extra cash

Question #4 - Can you explain what type of program you have? This will show if the trainer has an organized system to assess your present condition and a plan to help you reach your goals.  This also shows his professionalism.

Question #5 - Do you have formal education or a degree in exercise physiology.  This is important but you still can have a great trainer who is certified with the proper experience.  By applying the first 4 questions you will find someone that suits you. 

A personal trainer's experience and knowledge affects how he structures your workouts which affect your results and reduces injuries.  All trainers should start with an assessment to determine your present condition which is vital to designing an effective program.  If you don't hear this in your interview with your potential trainer,  say thank you and call the next one.

Reggie Clements
ACE Certified